Frequently Asked Questions

Homiee was created to help students navigate their college and career options. Our science–backed approach puts the student at the center of the process and takes into account their natural interests and personality factors to recommend academic environments that can support their personal development.

How does it work?

Science! More specifically – applied psychology. We created a personality assesment to measure different factors (such as the Big Five standard and those proposed by Holland) and then compare the results against our college dataset to find matches between an individual and a given school or career.

How is homiee different from any other personality assesment?

Our matches are based on social fit. We recommend colleges that are a good match based on the similarities between the person taking the personality assesment and the academic environment of a particular school. Our main goal is to ensure that the students on our platform can discover colleges and careers where they will fit in and thrive.

Where does your data come from?

We gather data from multiple public sources such as the Office of Post-Secondary Education (OPE), the National Center for Education Statistics, the College Scorecard Data and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

How accurate are your results?

We have received a great deal of feedback from our users indicating high satisfaction with our results for both college and career matches. However, everyone is different and no personality assesment is 100% accurate. The more accurate the answers are the more accurate our results will be.

What does the match percentage mean?

This is a percent score that represents how consistent is the college environment with the personality traits of a student. Higher values indicate better matches.